8 steps to improving professional performance & productivity

Keeping the body-mind-spirit optimised through the following steps is an important part of the body-mind-spirit connection for personal development that leads to professional performance &productivity! SLEEP Sleep impacts the overall health of your body-mind-spirit (kokoro). Sleep deprivation can manifest as lower immunity to illness, increased body fat, lower cognitive abilities and even brain shrinkage. After… Read More


The one thing we forget to do that has a huge impact on our bottom line!

Would you like to see an increase in profitability for your organisation? Revive employee motivation and company culture? Improve client relations and working relationships within your organisation? How much would you pay a consultant to improve your client loyalty by up to 50%, while boosting revenues, lowering costs and achieving other organisational goals for sustainable… Read More

10 ways non-consultants can benefit from learning consulting skills

Consultants are generally business subject matter experts (SMEs) hired externally to assist an organisation for a defined term and project. However, although you may have an ongoing contract with your organisation, you may also be an SME in HR, IT, Finance, CRM or Sales for example, in which case you are often called on for your expertise… Read More

Achieve Enhanced Productivity & Performance in Ten easy steps…

…AND YES IT IS POSSIBLE TO DO THIS EVEN IN EGYPT! Transform you kokoro and get re-motivated and re-energised to fulfil your personal and professional goals. Life can be an immensely fulfilling experience if you thrive in all it’s dimensions, such as both the physical and metaphysical realms. To live only in one without the other… Read More

What Am I doing Right?

#RMA-Egypt #MaximiseYourPotential #ImprovePersonalProductivity #Innovation #CreativeSolutions #ConsultingToolkit #AttitudeForSuccess         Showing appreciation and acknowledgement of your clients, strategic partners and other collaborators on a regular basis is important to business success. Giving feedback on what they are doing right is just as important as asking them questions about what you’re doing right. This type… Read More