Happy New Year!

Welcome to our virtual space and thank your for taking some time out of your busy schedule to find out more about us. We are a boutique consultancy uniquely positioned in Egypt with professional partnerships in North America, Europe and Austral-Asia to assist organisations and individuals in West Asia and North Africa to enhance their performance and use their full potential for improving their workplace productivity through bespoke training and more.

2017-2018If you are an HR professional we would love your input on the challenges you faced in 2017 and your strategies for 2018:

RMA impact 2017 survey

Answers are confidential & results will be shared with participants.

We are currently offering the following assessments & courses at our main location in Cairo, Egypt. We also offer consulting along with other training & assessment services. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you!

NON-Managerial Competency Framework (CF) Assessment & Report assessment & report

This assessment creates a competency profile based on 20+ standard competencies for NON-managers although it is not role specific. The assessment will examine the skills gap(s) for each competency and the report will identify the best areas of possible training and development RMA is able to offer a reliable, secure, defensible approach, supported by a team of organisational professionals for a fraction of the cost typically required to work with experts, that is quick, comfortable, accurate & affordable. RMA can also offer real-time decision support for determining the best options for your career development. Once your payment is verified, we will send a link to the survey to the email provided by PayPal.


Consulting skills for Everyone

Attend in-class or online, every Saturday for 6-weeks. BOOST YOUR CAREER by learning how to apply professional consulting tools & techniques even if you are not a consultant to build more productive working relationships & sustainable business solutions! Operate with greater self-confidence & professionalism in challenging situations. Understand how to overcome resistance & get commitment to action.(36-hrs).


3-day Training Needs Assessment Workshop

Uncover the Path to Optimal Performance (POP!) for your training program and be able to quantify your training impact in financial terms (ROI), improve sustainable solutions & better identify challenges (21-hrs).


We are results-focused  Performance & Productivity Experts

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